Press Release – Five Reasons for allowing Offsetting within SA’s Carbon Tax Net

Now the dust has settled regarding the debate on the Carbon Offsets Paper published by National Treasury in April this year, EcoMetrix Africa would like to bring forward the following considerations as food for thought when finalizing the design of this element of the proposed South African Carbon Tax in 2015:

  1. Level Playing Field – Current Design Distorts Level Playing Field.
  2. Least Cost Option – Current Design may favour more expensive Options outside the Tax Net.
  3. Collaboration within the Tax Net – Collaboration between Affected Parties is not incentivised.
  4. Price Signal – Stronger Price Signal while Offsets within the Tax Net do not cost the Tax Payer a Cent.
  5. Critical Mass for Markets – Allowing Offsets within the Tax Net creates substantial Trading Volumes.

For the full press release press this link: EcoMetrix Press Release – Ctax Offsetting (781)
For the carbon tax offset paper press this link: carbon offsets paper (919)
For the response from National Treasury to Comments: response to comments (937)

8 Dec 2014