Madiba 100 celebrations: Obama on ‘promoting active citizenship’ in a rapidly changing world

The Nelson Mandela centenary celebration was an initiative of the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the festivities were held in Johannesburg in June 2018. The keynote speaker, among other notable speakers, was Barak Obama, former president of the USA. In his keynote lecture, he reiterated the strong beliefs of Nelson Mandela on the importance of democracy especially when tackling modern and pressing challenges such as climate change. In line with this, he emphasized the need to promote ‘inclusive capitalism’ across and between nations in the collective pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals. This, he added, could be achieved through effective laws and regulations that root out corruption and its related injustices as well as the use of tools such as progressive taxation where the more affluent are taxed in line with their income.

Such approaches ensure that a share of the world’s capital and resources shifts towards promoting investment and entrepreneurship at the grassroots level and in the impoverished communities. This could also go a long way to ensure that developing economies can access the resources to adopt efficient and alternative technologies such as renewable energy in order to sustainably leapfrog into the fourth industrial revolution.

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16 Jun 2018