Carbon Pricing and Competitiveness in Developing Countries

The Department of Environmental Affairs, The World Bank and the National Business Initiative organised a two-day workshop on Carbon Markets at the Sasol Place in Sandton, Johannesburg. Local and global experts discussed matters relating to Article 6 of the Paris Agreement and global trends on Carbon Pricing and Competitiveness.

Different speakers presented on the work that the World Bank has been involved in with regard to carbon pricing and competitiveness, the importance of Article 6, its implication for business as well the key political issues and expectations that could influence its implementation.

Mr. Henk Sa, partner at EcoMetrix Africa, participated in a panel discussion that reflected on how past experiences with carbon market mechanisms could be taken on board in the design of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. Mr. Sa noted that a mechanism that enables the private sector’s financial, technical and innovative capacities to be brought to bear is essential in the fight against climate change. He closed his remarks by stating that although Africa had benefited least from mechanisms like the CDM in the past, the institutional capacity has increased over the last decade, making the continent ready for the next wave of climate change investments.

05 June 2019