your partner in carbon management and financing

Company Profile

Dedicated to deliver Carbon Financing & Management Services to Africa

 EcoMetrix Africa’s activities are grouped into three interrelated service propositions:

  • Carbon Financing and Trading
    • GHG emission reduction projects in various sectors like power, heavy industry
    • Project registration with appropriate carbon standards like the CDM, VCS or Gold Standard
    • Over the counter (OTC) trading of carbon credit from specific African projects

  • Carbon Strategy and Management
    • Strategic advice on corporate sustainability and management of emissions
    • Determining an organisation’s carbon footprint and developing a mitigation strategy
    • Identification and implementation of emission reduction options

  • New Energy Project Development
    • Techno-economic assessment of business cases involving new energy technologies (e.g. CCS, biomass)
    • Monitoring and verification of energy savings and emission reductions
    • Assistance in developing a project from an idea into a bankable business case