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Carbon and Energy Management

The number of organisations in both public and private sector acknowledging a strategic need to take control of their carbon and energy performance is growing rapidly. The drivers for change are multiple and increasing in strength, from rising electricity prices, uncertainty around the supply of grid-based electricity down to corporate responsibility and responding to an increased environmental awareness of customers/citizens.

Instead of taking a wait and see approach, it can be of strategic competitive value to plan ahead of the ever increasing cost of electricity, supply uncertainty as well as upcoming environmental policies like the carbon tax, carbon budgets and obligatory pollution prevention plans.

EcoMetrix Africa supports organisations in various ways to get a grip on energy and carbon challenges while at the same time realizing opportunities with regard to energy savings, job creation and energy independence. Our approach is to develop tailor made optimal solutions combining an understanding of systems, economics and energy/carbon science and technologies:

  • Monitoring Energy, Carbon and Water – You cannot manage what you don’t measure.
  • Energy and Carbon Management Strategies – Planning ahead securing future performance.
  • Organisational Change – Develop systems and raise awareness.
  • Climate Change Policies – Assess impact and respond to government.