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Solar PV 101 for your Business

Understanding Solar PV to optimize your Benefit.

Electricity from the sun is on a fast-track to become cheaper than electricity from Eskom. In some instances it already is. But for your business, considering your consumption pattern, space available for solar panels and electricity rates you pay, would solar be beneficial as well? If you ask a supplier, the answer is likely to be yes. Even if this really is the case, wouldn’t it be wise to get independent advice on solar technology options and how to optimize the value for your unique business?

A Solar PV Assessment for your business arms you with knowledge about photo-voltaic technology and through a consultative process enables an informed decision on how to apply the technology, in your unique circumstances, to achieve a maximum benefit.

A Solar PV Assessment includes:

  • Assessment business power needs and site.
  • Potential to improve energy efficiency and reduce demand.
  • Analysis of solar PV options.
  • Defining an optimized solar PV business case.
  • Assessment of your financial benefit.

Let us assist you and tap into more than 10 years of international and local experience in solar electricity ensuring that this important long-term investment is done correctly. We fully understand that renewable energy needs to be affordable and optimally designed to strengthen your business.

We will guide you through the different options, assess the situation of your business and advice how to optimise harvesting energy from the sun. Well informed, technicalities and financial performance demystified, you can then make your investment decision.

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