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Greenhouse Gas Reporting Regulations

The greenhouse gas reporting regulations have been promulgated. If your organisation may be liable to obligatory reporting, do an assessment and register as soon as possible.

Following the draft Greenhouse Gas Reporting Regulations of June 2016, the Department of Environmental Affairs published the final GHG Reporting Regulations on 3 April 2017. The regulations introduce obligatory reporting on GHG emissions for organisations in control of or conducting certain GHG emitting activities with an aggregated capacity per activity above the capacity given for each activity in the threshold column of the table in Annexure 1. Download the regulations here.

Deadline for Registration – 3 May 2017

Private organisations must register all facilities where activities exceed the thresholds listed in Annexure 1 by providing the relevant information as listed in Annexure 2 to these Regulations, within 30 days after the commencement of these Regulations or within 30 days after commencing such an activity after the commencement of these Regulations.

Not yet registered?

Our team has an in-depth understanding of the new regulations and can assist with registration including the required assessment of activity thresholds and listing of the relevant facilities that fall under the Greenhouse Gas Reporting regulations with the Department. Click here for our contact details.