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CDM Programme of Activities

A CDM Programme of Activities (PoA) bundles various similar carbon mitigation initiatives as a collective action providing the advantage of economies of scale thereby allowing smaller projects and distributed mitigation efforts like the roll-out of solar water heaters in the residential sector to make use of carbon financing. A PoA is made up of Component Project Activities (CPAs). Multiple CPAs can be included under a PoA at registration and additional CPAs may be added during the lifetime of the PoA.

A PoA can have a lifetime of up to 28 years and a CPA may be added at any time. However the crediting period for any CPA is limited to 7 years, which can be renewed a maximum of 2 times, or a one non-renewable period of 10 years. The duration of the crediting period of any CPA is limited to the end of the PoA regardless of when the CPA was added. PoAs may cover multiple countries, in which case the PoA must elicit confirmation that the programme advances the objectives of sustainable development in each country.

EcoMetrix Africa has developed several PoAs covering the Southern African region and various type of activities including grid connected renewable energy, solar thermal and fuel switch activities. Please check the section on Carbon Credit Programmes for further details.