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Carbon Financing

The EcoMetrix Africa team (formerly operating under EcoSecurities/JP Morgan) has an unmatched track record in the project development, registration and issuance of carbon credits under the Clean Development Mechanism. Our services are geared towards a careful project design with feasible monitoring and verification requirements not only leading to the registration of a project but enabling the practical generation of carbon credits as well.

The CDM is the main international carbon standard used for generating carbon credits from emission reduction projects in the developing world. Most of the carbon credits generated under the CDM are used by industrialized countries (Annex 1 Parties to the Kyoto protocol) to offset part of their emissions above their 1990 emission reduction target. In addition several organisations also use carbon credits under the CDM for voluntary offsetting as the CDM, although sometimes regarded as onerous, is the most robust and trustworthy standard around.

Our services in this area include:

  • Carbon financing feasibility studies.
  • Registration of individual projects.
  • Addition of projects under one of our Programmes of Activities.
  • Monitoring and verification assistance.