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Low Carbon Energy Technologies

Techno-Economic Assessments

EcoMetrix Africa offers techno-economic assessments and technology due-diligence services to investors, project developers and technology developers in the area of new energy technologies like biomass to energy, landfill gas to energy, biogas production/upgrading and geothermal energy. Our team leverages international experience regarding the valorisation of new low-carbon energy technologies as well local experience in assessing and optimizing business cases

Implementation of New Energy Technologies

Building forward on our experience in Europe introducing new low-carbon energy technologies, we provide assistance in developing first of kind commercial pilots, building public private partnerships and roll out strategies and implementation plans. Lodewijk Nell, partner at EcoMetrix, has been involved in commercializing waste-to-energy technologies and building large public private partnership in Europe.

Energy Innovation Financing

Apart from carbon financing there are many other financing sources relevant to energy projects that employ innovative technologies. Other financing options can vary from international research & demonstration grants and export promotion subsidies to soft loans from development banks and equity financing. EcoMetrix can assist in promoting the project in the most optimal way fully in line with the requirements and objectives of the envisaged funder or financier. Currently EcoMetrix is collaborating with Eskom in OCTAVIUS, a large international project consortium sponsored by the European Commission.